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If the 10 in 30 Programme isn’t for you and but you still want the training guidelines, the nutrition advice and the body that comes with it, the 12 Week Transformation is for you.

The 12 Week Transformation programme consists of:

  • A periodised gym based training regime which focuses on strength, toning and fat loss
  • A nutrition plan based on the 10 Commandments of Incentifit (the same principles that the 10 in 30 diet is based on)
  • A nutrition monitor to ensure you are adhering to the guidelines

It’s the same principles used to create the 10 in 30 programme so you know it’s quality guidance…the only difference is that there isn’t that Incentifit deposit of £1000 in the back of your mind motivating you to stick to the regime.

Make the 12 week Transformation