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Incentifit, made famous by the 10 in 30 Programme, is a series of online weight loss and body shaping programmes created by Dom Thorpe.

The Incentifit™ 10 in 30 programme is a fitness programme, a nutrition plan and most importantly, an Incentifit™ deposit to make sure you stick to the programme.

Diet Plan

The diet plan is a few clear & easy to follow rules which, assuming you stick to them, guarantee rapid weight loss. This means you’re not confused when it comes to what, when and how much you should be eating.

Fitness Programme

The fitness programme consists of regular online exercise videos which can be done in the home and programmes that can be done in the gym. The exercise routines ensure that you maintain muscle mass, whilst shredding the fat to ensure you look toned, fit and healthy.

Incentifit™ Deposit

Your Incentifit™ deposit is what separates 10 in 30 from all other weight loss programmes. Your Incentifit™ deposit is a reason to make sure you stick to the programme. It’s a reason to ensure that you reach your goal of 10lbs lost in 30 days. Your Incentifit™ deposit is a financial pledge which you make to ensure that you lose the weight. For every lb of weight you lose, you claim back more of your Incentifit™ deposit. At the end of the 30 days, when you’ve lost your 10lbs, you’ll get ALL of your Incentifit™ deposit back.

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