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What you like to eat is YOUR choice

On August 16, 2017, Posted by , in Blog, With No Comments

I’m Sitting in the dining room at the Bingham (lovely place, you should go) whilst waiting for my breakfast and it’s just dawned on me. A few years back I would have been angry at the breakfasts on offer. “Full English” with no beans or toast. WTF? You can’t have a full English without beans and toast. It simply doesn’t work without the sauciness of the beans and the carbiness of the toast. At least chuck in a hash brown or two. However I’m about to tuck into a beanless, toastless bonanza and I’m rather excited about it.

The issue here is learned behaviour. The breakfast I’m about to eat is going to be delicious and I know that now because I’ve spent some time adjusting to meals without bread, rice, pasta or potato. None of those items are essential, however most of us have grown up having them with every meal so the thought of eating something without them just doesn’t compute.

I love tinned tuna. I remember when I was trying to cut calories and I realised that instead of having high calorie mayonnaise with my tuna I could swap the mayo for relish, and it actually wasn’t that bad. Then I realised that I could add a splash of balsamic glaze instead and that would drop the calories even further. Now I just eat it straight from the tin. No sauce! I would NEVER have considered doing this a few years ago. But now I do it almost every morning and I’m good with that. Most people I tell this to pull a screw face and say “gross” or something similar.  But it’s not the taste that’s gross, it’s the IDEA that grosses them out. It’s just not what they’re used to.  

The moral of the story…start trying new things out. They may seem weird at first but that’s only because you’re not used to them.

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