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I’m Dom Thorpe. I write regularly write for the Huffington Post and Disability Horizons, and I’m the fitness instructor for The MS Society (my mum died of MS). I’m the founder of Disability Training, Wireless Fitness as well as Incentifit. I’ve been working in the fitness industry since 2003 and there’s a theme to what I do. Everything I do innovates in some way in order to introduce a new system into the industry which benefits people wanting to get fit. Boring programmes and boring business models don’t interest me. I like challenges and I like to do things which make people say “that won’t work”. People said Wireless Fitness wouldn’t work, but now there are silent disco fitness classes being run with our system all over the world. Disabled people thought they couldn’t exercise but I’ve built a reputation out of showing them that they can and should exercise. People told me that nobody would hand over £1000 on the promise that they’ll get it back after they’ve lost 10lbs, but they have – repeatedly, and they come back for more.

I wanted a way to make you stick to my plans. I know all the tricks to get in shape. I get fat like you do. I gain weight every year like you, but I have the motivation and the knowledge to lose it when I want to go on holiday or get back into my skinny jeans after Christmas. Here’s proof.

Ten in thirty weight loss programme

I wanted a way which would ensure that you follow my simple rules without me needing to be checking over your shoulder all the time. I realised that by losing your money if you didn’t follow my programme, it would definitely make you stick to the plan. The plan is so easy. You can have all of the info if you just read my Guide to a Good Physique. It’s the Incentifit deposit which will really make you implement it. You can have all the fitness and weight loss knowledge in the world but what you REALLY need is something to help you implement it. Otherwise you’ll simply digest the info, store it in the back of your brain and never actually do anything about it.

So that’s me. You can Google me if you want more info about me but that’s not what you’re here for. You’re here because you want to lose weight and you want to do it quickly. That’s what I want you to do. I want you to lose weight, get your deposit back and tell all your friends about the Incentifit Programme.

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