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What if it doesn’t work?

There’s only one reason why a weight loss programme doesn’t work and that’s if you don’t stick to the plan or you do it wrong. 10 in 30 is so clear and easy that there’s no chance you’ll do it wrong. And your Incentifit deposit will ensure that you don’t stray from the programme.

Q What if I don’t have the money/can’t afford it?

A Firstly, ask yourself if that is really true, because people who struggle to find the money are more motivated than those who have easy access to the money. If you can borrow it for 30 days or spend your last £1000 on it, you’re more likely to succeed than someone who has loads of money. However, if you really don’t have access to that kind of money you can always try either the Kickstarter Programme or the 12 Week Transformation, neither of which require a deposit.

I don’t know or trust you.

A I’m Dom Thorpe. Google me. I write regularly write for the Huffington Post and Disability Horizons, and I’m the fitness instructor for The MS Society (my mum died of MS). I’m the founder of Disability Training, Wireless Fitness as well as Incentifit. I’ve spent 10 years building up my reputation in the fitness industry and I’m not about to throw it away by ripping you off. I want you to lose weight, get your deposit back and tell all your friends about it. If that doesn’t do it, maybe the sheer number of testimonial videos will convince you that I’m for real.

Now isn’t the time

A That’s no problem. Download The Incentifit Guide to a Good Physique to better educate yourself in the meantime and when you’re ready, you know where I am.

I think I can do it alone.

Please try. You can download any number of fitness programmes for no cost and you can gain access to hundreds of different weight loss diets online. Or you can try my Kickstarter Programme or 12 Week Transformation. But will you really stick to it? Most of the time the answer is no.

What if I don’t lose all the weight?

A If you only lose 9lbs, you get £900 back. That’s still a pretty good deal, but Iit’s very unlikely you’ll get stuck at 9lbs. If my experience tells me anything it’s that you’ll exceed your target and get your full money back. The diet works and the training regime works. All you need to do is stick to it and the only reason you wouldn’t, is if you don’t care about losing your money.

What if you don’t give me my money back?

I don’t want your deposit money. That would be a very short sighted goal and that’s not how I plan to gain from this. I want your £99 programme fee and I want you to lose 10lbs, get your £1000 back, and then tell your friends and family about the programme. I want more and more people to do this, succeed in getting their money back and lose their 10lbs. And if they want to lose more weight, I want them to return.

The cost is too high

My research shows that in order for this to work, the sum of money needs to be significant enough to make people scared about losing it. Smaller sums just won’t incentivise you to stick to the programme. The figure £1000 is enough to create sufficient fear of losing it.

How much time will it take up?

Not much at all. If anything you’ll find you have more time on your hands. Your exercise sessions can be as little as 10 minutes per day, or 3 x 30 minutes per week. You’ll spend less time eating too, so that’ll free up your diary.

What if the exercises are too hard for me?

The fitness programmes are pitched at varied levels depending on your fitness experience, so you’ll always be working at the right level.

If you have any other questions you can ask them when you enquire. I want you to be sure about this before you do it.

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